CJC Playlists


CJC Playlists are curated collections of articles that are drawn from the journal's open access archive. We are inviting scholars to develop playlists around a topic, theme, or keyword of their choosing and to introduce their collection as a constellation of work that speaks in some way to our present moment. We hope to encourage a sense of historicity, inventive new alignments for scholarship and have a little fun in the process.

You can access our first playlists here (just click on the black arrow to access a track within a playlist):

Melissa Aronczyk, Promotional Culture

Rianka Singh, Curating Care

Please find a full list of our published and forthcoming playlists here!

If you are interested in curating a playlist, please be in touch with Chris Russill, Editor, Canadian Journal of Communication, at editor@cjc-online.ca