Special Issue: Materials and Media of Infrastructure


The Canadian Journal of Communication, Volume 46, Issue 2 has now been published. Subscribers now have access to all articles, including the full online volume of CJC 46.2:

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial

Materials and Media of Infrastructure by Aleksandra Kaminska & Rafico Ruiz  143


Hosting Cultures: Placing the Global Data Centre “Industry” by  Patrick Brodie 151–176

Staking a Claim: Mineral Mining, Prospecting Logics, and Settler Infrastructures by Hannah Tollefson 177–199

Infrastructure that Sings: Kwawaka'wakw Social Media for Wild Salmon in the Broughton Archipelago  by Shirley Roburn  201–224

Infrastructure and the Form of Politics by Darin Barney  225–246

Gaming Extractivisim: Unjust Infrastructures, Cultural Resistance, and the Politics of Play in Elizabeth LaPensee Thunderbird Strike by Jordan Kinder 247–269

Acoustic Infrastructure: The Sounds and Politics of Emergency Radio Tests in American Broadcasting by Andy Kelleher Stuhl  271–290

From Labrador to Leipzig: Film and Infrastructures along the Fur Trail  by Rachel Jekanowski 291–314

Mediating the Tree: Infrastructure of Pulp and Paper Modernity in the Bowater Papers  by Aleksandra Kaminska & Rafico Ruiz 315–343

The Bridge Spanning Past, Present, and Future: Time Infrastructure by Rob Shields 345–361

Afterword: Infrastructural Fantasties by Nicole Starosielski 363–368


Ghost by Kate Maddalena 369–375


A History of Women Cartoonists. By Mira Falardeau. Erika Chung 377–379

Managing Media and Digital Organizations. By Eli M. Noam. Maria Borkowski 381–383

Information Activism: A Queer History of Lesbian Media Technologies. By Cait McKinney. Nelanthi Hewa 385–387

Making Open Development Inclusive: Lessons from IDRC Research. Edited by Matthew L. Smith & Ruhiya Kristine Seward. Amanda Hunter 389–391