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Errata statement for Rowland Lorimer. Article usage analytics for the Canadian Journal of Communication 2015–2018: A guide for authors, publishers, and readers. Canadian Journal of Communication 45(1), 157–171. ©2020 Canadian Journal of Communication Corporation doi: 10.22230/cjc.2020v45n1a3765

This article mistakenly refers to a “lag” in article uptake. This is a misreading of the data depicted in “Figure 2” Usage of 2015–2018 article content by publication year, page 169.

The following corrections provide an accurate analysis of the data.

In the Abstract, under Conclusions and implications, page 157, the words “an initial quick rise to peak usage” should replace “a usual lag time before peak usage.”

On page 161, under the heading, “Data overview,” there is a parallel revision to point 4:

Old: A lag time in usage uptake is visible in some circumstances but not in others. This lag may derive from awareness and/or may include the building of a conceptual understanding that clarifies the contribution of an article to the field. 
New: An apparent lag in initial usage appears in the publication year data as a result of articles being published and added in each of the first four first years under study. The age-of-article data correctly reflects a quick rise to peak usage by year one of availability. 

For the sake of clarity, the word “age” should be added to the title of Figure 3, page 170. It should read “Figure 3. Usage by article age in years.”

In the opening sentence of the Conclusion, page 170, the words “an initial quick rise to peak usage” should replace “a usual lag time before peak usage.”

Erratum statement for Anthony M. Levenda, Dillon Mahmoudi, & Gerald Sussman. The neoliberal politics of “smart”: Electricity consumption, household monitoring, and the enterprise form. Canadian Journal of Communication 40(4), 615–636. ©2015 Canadian Journal of Communication Corporation doi: 10.22230/cjc.2015v40n4a2928

Note number 8, along with its reference, has been removed from this article.