Anti-intellectualism in American Media: Magazines and Higher Education


  • Rachel E. Cyr Concordia University



Education, Media/Mass Media, Magazines, Content Analysis, Ideology


This essay reviews Dane S. Claussen's book, Anti-Intellectualism in American Media: Magazines & Higher Education (2004). In response to widespread concern about the state of intellectualism in the United States since George W. Bush's election as President of the United States, Claussen seeks to answer whether or not magazine coverage of higher education has contributed or reflected anti-intellectualism. Clausson’s research is noteworthy despite two significant weaknesses: the book’s disjunctive formal structure and questionable methodology.

Author Biography

Rachel E. Cyr, Concordia University

Rachel Esther Cyr is a graduate student fulfilling a Masters in Media Studies offered by the Communications department at Concordia University, Montreal, H36 1M8. E-mail: