Mediating the Tourist Experience: From Brochures to Virtual Encounters


  • Gordon Alley-Young Kingsborough Community College - City University of New York


Author Biography

Gordon Alley-Young, Kingsborough Community College - City University of New York

Gordon Alley-Young (Ph.D., Southern Illinois University) is a Professor of Speech Communication in the Department of Communications & Performing Arts at Kingsborough Community College – City University of New York (CUNY). His research focuses on intercultural communication, popular culture, and critical perspectives on identity negotiation and education in film and popular discourse. He has written several chapters on popular education films (i.e., films that feature schools, students, teachers, and/or intellectuals). His publications include chapters in the recently edited books Mirror Images: Popular Culture and Education (Peter Lang, 2008) which was just recently translated into Spanish as Cultura Popular y Educación. Imágenes Espejadas (Miño y Dávila, 2011) and Medya Eleştirileri 2010: Kırılan Kalıplar 2: Kültürler arası İletişim, Çokkültürlülük” (Beta Academic, 2011) which will be published in English later this year as Media Critics 2010: Broken Frames 2: Intercultural Communication, Multiculturalism (Peter Lang, 2011 - forthcoming). He is also an author of several journal articles including the recent Articulating Identity: Refining Postcolonial and Whiteness Perspectives on Race within Communication Studies (Review of Communication, 2008) and Using ‘The Lure of Gang Life’ to Teach Interpersonal and Group Attraction (Communication Teacher, 2009). He has completed reviews for over 20 regional, national, and international journals including: The Journal of Men’s Studies, Southern Studies, Canadian Ethnic Studies – Etudes Ethniques au Canada, Canadian Journal of Communication (2003, 2004), The American Journal of Semiotics, Journal of Popular Culture, and Journal of Language and Social Psychology. He is a past president of CLASP: The CUNY League of Active Speech Professors.