Canada Before Television: Radio, Taste, and the Struggle for Cultural Democracy


  • Anne MacLennan York University



Radio, Canada, media history, CBC, cultural democracy

Author Biography

Anne MacLennan, York University

Anne F. MacLennan is an Associate Professor and incoming Chair of the Department of Communication Studies at York University and editor of the Journal of Radio and Audio Media. She joined the Communication Studies Program at York University in 2003 and has over twenty years of experience teaching communication studies, media studies, history, methodology and other interdisciplinary topics. She is curating a show of historical radios and radio advertising with Michael Windover, accompanied by their co-authored book, Seeing, Selling, and Situating Radio in Canada, 1922-1956. Her ongoing work includes: a book on early Canadian radio programming; SSHRC funded research “Remembering Radio: The Canadian Radio Audience in the 1930s”, and a Canadian Media Research Council-funded project, First Person Plural: Transcribing the Perspectives of Canadian Broadcast Pioneers for a Digital Age” with Paul Moore.    Her next project is “Programming, practices, production and policy: Canadian community radio.” She has published in Media and Communication, the Journal of Radio & Audio Media and Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, The Radio Journal, Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations, Urban History Review and other collections. She works on media history, community radio, broadcasting, popular culture, Canadian history and Canadian studies, women, social welfare, poverty and cultural representations in the media.