Vol 29, No 3 (2004)

Online Scholarly Publishing

Table of Contents


Rowland Lorimer, Leslie Chan


Canadian Scholarly Journals at a Technological Crossroads
Rowland Lorimer, Adrienne Lindsay
Supporting and Enhancing Scholarship in the Digital Age: The Role of Open Access Institutional Repository
Leslie Chan
GAP – German Academic Publishers: A Network Approach to Scholarly Publishing
Kim Braun
Searching and Browsing Using RDF-Encoded Metadata: The Case of Omnipaper
Ana Alice Baptista
E-publishing in Developing Economies
Pippa Smart, Carole Pearce, John Tonukari
Scholarly Publishing and Public Service
Gérard Boismenu, Guylaine Beaudry
Publishing Trends and Practices in the Scientific Community
Aldyth Holmes
Online Scholarly Publishing in Canada: Technology and Systems for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Richard K. Smith
Open Access Is Public Access: Helping Policymakers Read Research
John Willinsky

Review Essay

Assessing Contemporary Comics Scholarship
Bart Beaty


Say It Loud! African-American Audiences, Media, and Identity
Gordon Alley-Young
Faking Death: Canadian Art Photography and the Canadian Imagination
Jonathan Finn
'Society Must Be Defended': Lectures at the College de France
Mark Cote
The Warrior Women of Television: A Feminist Cultural Analysis of the New Female Body in Popular Media
Brandi Bell
Imagined Interactions: Daydreaming about Communication
Jim Abbott
Site and Sound: Understanding Independent Music Scenes
Sean Ebare
Global Media Studies: Ethnographic Perspectives
Emmanuel K. Ngwainmbi
The CNN Effect: The Myth of News, Foreign Policy
Jody Waters
News from Abroad
Jody Waters
User Error: Resisting Computer Culture
Zena Sharman
Thinking Clearly: Cases in Journalistic Decision-Making
Cecil Rosner
Researching Audiences
Hong Nguyen
Cities and Urban Cultures
Heather Neville
How Canadians Communicate
Dale Bradley
Rethinking Media Change: The Aesthetics of Transition
Kirsty Best
Everyday Talk: Building and Reflecting Identities
Sonja Macdonald
Participatory Video: Images That Transform and Empower
Ravindra N. Mohabeer
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