Vol 32, No 3 (2007)

Communicating Health

Cover Page

Cindy Stelmackowich is an Ottawa-based visual artist and academic with a particular interest in medical science. The picture on the cover, “handbook of SURGERY” (cover photo by David Barbour), is part of an ongoing series wherein medical books—textbooks, dictionaries, anatomical manuals, first aid primers—are made subject to Stelmackowich’s own incisive explorations. In these works, medical science’s bodies of knowledge become an important source of her work, not only conceptually but more directly as the material through the work is made. Stelmackowich has exhibited her artwork across Canada and has received numerous grants and fellowships. Currently she lectures at Carleton University where she is completing a PhD in the history and theory of anatomical illustration. For more information about her artwork visit www.patrickmikhailgallery.com.

Table of Contents


Communicating Health
Kim Sawchuk


Mobile Knowledge: HIV Patients' Encounter with Endocrinology
Cindy Patton
HIV and STD Prevention Needs of Bisexual Women: Results from Projet Polyvalence
Viviane Namaste, T. H. Vukov, Nada Saghie, Joseph Jean-Gilles, M. Lafrenière, Nancy Leclerc, M.-J. Leroux, Andréa Monette, Robin Williamson
Communicating Health Information: The Community Engagement Model for Video Production
David Murphy, Ellen Balka, Iraj Poureslami, Diana E. Leung, Trent Cruz, Anne-Marie Nicol
Respite: Cultural Values in North American and Caribbean Caregiving
Deborah Dysart-Gale
Asymmetrical Talk between Physicians and Patients: A Quantitative Discourse Analysis
Han Z. Li, Naghmeh G. Desroches, Young-Ok Yum, Corinne Koehn, George Deagle
Les défis que soulève l’informatisation de la pratique médicale sur le plan de l'innovation technologique
Luc Bonneville, Sylvie Grosjean
Communication as Argumentation: The Use of Scaffolding Tools by a Networked Nursing Community
Milton N. Campos
Rose-Coloured Glasses: The Discourse on Information Technology in the Romanow Report
Ellen Balka, Kjetil Rodje, Corlann Gee Bush
Communicating the Modern Body: Fritz Kahn's Popular Images of Human Physiology as an Industrialized World
Cornelius Borck
Pink!: Community, Contestation, and the Colour of Breast Cancer
Charlene Elliott
Re-Gendering Depression: Risk, Web Health Campaigns, and the Feminized Pharmaco-Subject
Paula M Gardner
Spreading the News: Social Determinants of Health Reportage in Canadian Daily Newspapers
Mike Gasher, Michael V. Hayes, Ian Ross, Robert A. Hackett, Donald Gutstein, James R. Dunn
Fit to Print: A Natural History of Obesity Research in the Canadian News Media
Stephannie C Roy, Guy Faulkner, Sara-Jane Finlay
Doing Medical Journals Differently: Open Medicine, Open Access, and Academic Freedom
John Willinsky, Sally Murray, Claire Kendall, Anita Palepu


Designer Babies, Stem Cells, and the Market for Genetics: The Limits of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act
Samantha King

In Memoriam

In Memory of Gail Guthrie Valaskakis 1939-2007: A Personal View
Lorna Roth
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