Vol 33, No 1 (2008)

Cover Page

Electric Horizon ..... Robert Prenovault

Robert Prenovault is a sculptor and maker of things who currently lives in Montréal, Canada. Raised in the city and having lived for many years in the bush, his work questions the supposed distinction between nature and culture. This has led him to investigate the social and symbolic meanings of landscape as a liminal space existing at the conjuncture of human endeavour and the natural environment. Electric Horizon (1997), highlights their points of contact and connection.

Table of Contents


Kim Sawchuk


Biotechnology, the Environment, and Alternative Media in Malaysia
Sandra Smeltzer
"The Second American Revolution”: Expressions of Canadian Identity in News Coverage at the Outbreak of the United States Civil War
Brian R. Gabrial
Political Marketing Canadian Style? The Conservative Party and the 2006 Federal Election
Daniel J Paré, Flavia Berger
Undecided Stories: Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail, and the Problem of Moral Agency
Gary McCarron
The Last Mile: Service Tiers Versus Infrastructure Development and the Debate on Internet Neutrality
Kevin G. Wilson
Communication dans un centre de répartition des urgences 911
Sylvie Grosjean

Review Essay

Knowledge Workers of the World! Unite?
Vincent Mosco


The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More
Robert Armstrong
An Alternative Internet: Radical Media, Politics and Creativity
Kevin G. Wilson
Communication Technology
Evan Light
Always Already New: Media, History and the Data of Culture
Riccardo Mauricio-Cardilli
Wired to the World, Chained to the Home: Telework in Daily Life
Susan Bryant
The Empire of Mind: Digital Piracy and the Anti-Capitalist Movement
Darren S Wershler-Henry
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