Vol 16, No 1 (1991)

Canadian Newspapers and International Reporting

Table of Contents


Gertrude J. Robinson


Canadian Daily Newspaper Editors' Evaluation of International Reporting
Walter C. Soderlund, Robert M. Krause, Richard G. Price
Nicaragua, the Peace Process, and Television News: A Study of U.S. and Canadian Coverage in Three Languages
Barry D. Adam
The Canadian Press, The NDP and NATO
J.A. Bayer
Book Publishing in English Canada in the Context of Free Trade
Rowland Lorimer
The Role of Press Councils in a System of Media Accountability: The Case of Quebec
David Pritchard


Nord Sud: The Image of the Dam
Ricardo Gómez Umaña
Mass Postal Service after 150 years: A Review Essay
Brian S. Osborne, Robert M. Pike

Research in Brief

The Push to Pagination: The Impact of a New Technology on Canadian Daily Newspapers
Catherine McKercher
Staffing Levels as a Reflector of Quality
Nicholas Russell
Communication and Canadian Identity: A Q-Methodological Study
Irvin Goldman, Ivan Emke
News Media Functions in Policy Making
John R. Fischer
Struggling to Escape from Uncle Sam: Changes in Canadian Media Dependence on the United States
Joseph Scanlon


L'Explosion de la communication
Eric Spalding
Alberta Newspapers, 1880-1982: An Historical Directory
James Tagg
La presse québécoise de 1884 à 1914: Genèse d'un média de masse
Denis Bachand
Communication Yearbook/11
Robert Lake
Television and Your Child: A Guide for Concerned Parents
Frans Vandendries
Documents in Canadian Film
Will Straw
Culture and Interpersonal Communication
Ron Sept
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