Vol 17, No 4 (1992)

Turbulence in the International Mediascape

Table of Contents


Gertrude J. Robinson

Guest Editorial

Dallas Smythe: A Lifetime at the Frontier of Communications
Bill Melody


Television and Europe: More Questions than Answers: The 1991 Southam Lecture
Pierre Moeglin
The Australian Media Landscape: Recent Changes
Elizabeth Jacka
Networks of Record: All-News Television and Public Affairs Coverage in North America
David Hogarth
Globalization and Internationalization in Publishing
Rowland Lorimer, Eleanor O'Donnell
The Emergence of Non-State TV in the Ukraine
Anna G. Kachkaeva, Andrei G. Richter


A Letter from Moscow
Elena Androunas
Down to Earth Communication: From Space Technologies and Global Economics to... Petty Humans and their Parochial Cultures!
René Jean Ravault
IFCA's Efforts to Improve the Exchange of Communications Research Internationally
David Mitchell
A Reply to Raboy
Stephen Block

Research in Brief

Une presse en transition: le cas de la Roumanie
Daniela Frumusani, Armande Saint-Jean
New Technologies and Democratic Communications: A Review Essay
Ted Magder


Beyond the Cold War: Soviet and American Media Images
David Hogarth
Split Signals: Television and Politics in the Soviet Union
David Hogarth
Cross-Cultural Interpersonal Communication (International and Intercultural Communication Annual, Vol. 15)
Valerie Alia
Mass Media and the Caribbean
M. Kent Sidel
Missed Opportunities: The Story of Canada's Broadcasting Policy
Liss Jeffrey
The Silent Revolution: Media, Democracy and the Free Trade Debate
Jim McKenzie
Creating Ideas and Information: Studies in Communications and Technology (Connect Canada Series)
David Lyon
Scripts: Writing for Radio and Television
Kim O'Hare
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