Vol 20, No 2 (1995)

Table of Contents


Rowland Lorimer


A Social History of Canadian Telecommunications
Dwayne Winseck
Competition in Long-Distance Telephony: A Critical Analysis of Telecom Decision CRTC 92-12
Kevin G. Wilson
Industry Responses to Kevin Wilson's Article
G. Hariton, Janet Yale
Ideas from the Bush: Indigenous Television in Australia and Canada
Michael Meadows
Computers and Reporters: Newsroom Practices at Two Canadian Daily Newspapers
Catherine McKercher
The Audiovisual Locations Industry in Canada: Considering British Columbia as Hollywood North
Mike Gasher

Research in Brief

The Press and the Persian Gulf Crisis: The Canadian Angle
Ann L. Hibbard, T.A. Keenleyside
Canada's Snowbirds: Consumption of Mass Media
Marc Grenier, Ross Perigoe


Sins of Omission: Shaping the News at CBC TV
Peter Desbarats
A History of Quebec Nationalism
Ian Chunn
The Power of Silence: Social and Pragmatic Perspectives
Bohdan Szuchewycz
Power in Language: Verbal Communication and Social Influence
Bohdan Szuchewycz
High-Tech Campaigns: Computer Technology in Political Communication
W.H.N. Hull
Brink of Reality: New Canadian Documentary Film and Video
Greg Elmer
Response to a Previously Published Review
M. A. Ruggles
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