Vol 21, No 1 (1996)

TVTV: The Television Revolution - A Commentary

Table of Contents


Rowland Lorimer
Moses Znaimer's Ten Commandments for Contemporary Television
Robert Anderson, Richard Gruneau, Paul Heyer


Introduction: Why TVTV?
Richard Gruneau
Chairman Znaimer's "Sensual Pagan Torrent"
George Gerbner
Television: The Great Wired Hope
Lianne McLarty
TVTV: The Television Revolution
Roger de la Garde, Veronique Nguyên-Duy
When a Showman Pontificates: In the Beginning Was...Moses!
Serge Proulx, François Yelle
Moses Znaimer, You've Met Marshall McLuhan, Now Meet Lord Reith
Marjorie Ferguson
TVTV: Moses' Rave-olutionary View of Television
Pierre C. Bélanger
Two Unintended Faces of Television
Robert Anderson
Moses Znaimer's Television Revolution
Debra Clarke
TVTV: The Debate Continues
Liss Jeffrey
Is That Really an Issue?
René Jean Ravault
The Citizen Kane of Cable TV: Moses Znaimer's TVTV
Hart Cohen
TV or Not TV: The Sound in the Fury
Paul Heyer
Commenter les commentateurs de TVTV
Éric Spalding
TVTV Talks Back: A Rebuttal
Moses Znaimer
Biographies of TVTV: The Television Revolution -- A Commentary
editor editor


A Comparison of Domestic and International Joint Ventures in Television Program and Feature Film Production
Colin Hoskins, Stuart McFadyen, Adam Finn
The Dialectical Methods of Marshall McLuhan, Marxism, and Critical Theory
Paul Grosswiler
CBC Radio on the Internet: An Experiment in Convergence
Andrew S. Patrick, Alex Black, Thomas E. Whalen


Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
Will Straw
Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media, Part 1 (Thought Control in a Democratic Society) and Part 2 (Activating Dissent)
Will Straw
Information and Communication in Economics
Myles A. Ruggles
The Politics of World Communication
Mike Gasher
Mapping World Communication
Mike Gasher
The Electronic Eye: The Rise of Surveillance Society
Jean McNulty
Communication and Democracy
W.H.N. Hull
Forging War: The Media in Serbia, Croatia & Bosnia-Hercegovina
Gertrude J. Robinson
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