Vol 26, No 1 (2001)

The Future of Public Service Broadcasting

Table of Contents


Public Service Broadcasting Beyond 2000: Is There a Future for Public Service Broadcasting?
Richard Collins, Adam Finn, Stuart McFadyen, Colin Hoskins


Refocusing the CBC
Colin Hoskins, Stuart McFadyen, Adam Finn
Wellsprings of Knowledge: Beyond the CBC Policy Trap
Catherine Murray
The New TVOntario: Salvation or Suicide for Public Educational Broadcasting
Kirsten Kozolanka
In Search of a Third Way: Balancing Public Purpose and Commerce in German and British Public Service Broadcasting
Jeanette Steemers
Regional Radio: A Response by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation to Democratization and Competition
Carla W. Heath

Research in Brief

Australian Public Broadcasting Under Review: The Mansfield Report on the ABC
Allan Brown
Regulating Communications: British Public Policy Responses to Convergence within the Digital Age
Mark Wheeler
Romania: From Tele-Revolution to Public Service Broadcasting, National Images and International Image
Anne Jäckel
Putonghua-Language Radio Programming in Hong Kong: RTHK and the Putonghua Audience
Jeffrey S. Wilkinson, Chen Lu


Inventing the Internet
Joel McKim
Harold Innis in the New Century, Reflections and Refractions
Edward Comor
Women's Voices in Health Promotion
Baukje Miedema
Médias et démocratie: Le grand malentendu
Guy Lachapelle
E.con: How the Internet Undermines Democracy
Derek Hrynyshyn
Reelpolitik: Political Ideologies in '30s and '40s Films
Ger Zielinski
Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace
Ana Viseu
The Global Dynamics of News: Studies in International News Coverage and News Agenda
François Demers
Exporting Communication Technology to Developing Countries: Sociocultural, Economic, and Educational Factors
Christian Agbobli
Making "Pictures in Our Heads": Government Advertising in Canada
Paul Rutherford
Spectacular Realities: Early Mass Culture in Fin-de-Sicle Paris
Deidre Martin
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