Vol 26, No 3 (2001)

Table of Contents


David Mitchell


The 2001 Southam Lecture: Reflections on Harold Innis's "Minerva's Owl"
James R. Taylor
Public Service Broadcasting as a Modern Project: A Case Study of Early Public-Affairs Television in Canada
David Hogarth
A Colloquium on TVTV
Bob Hanke

Research in Brief

The BELLE Project: Towards a National Digital-Content Repository
Janelle L. Ring, Douglas MacLeod
InSite: Using Video-Conferencing Applications over CA*net3 to Enhance the Collaborative Process for National Research Teams
Andrea Matishak, David Mitchell


Speaking into the Air: A History of the Idea of Communication
Donald F. Theall
Canadian Intellectual Property: The Politics of Innovating Institutions
Ian Chunn
Mind Abuse: Media Violence in the Information Age
Wendy Cukier
Spectacular Passions: Cinema, Fantasy, Gay Spectatorships
Brian Crane
The Sound of One Voice: Eugene Forsey and his Letters to the Press
Linnet Fawcett
Mauvaise presse: Une sociologie compréhensive du travail journalistique et de ses critiques
Gérard Leclerc
We Want Some Too: Underground Desire and the Reinvention of Mass Culture
Monika Kin Gagnon
La cité au bout du fil
Michèle Martin
Endless Propaganda: The Advertising of Public Goods
Alissa Sklar
Acoustic Communication, 2nd edition
Andra McCartney
The Internet Edge: Social Technical and Legal Challenges for a Networked World
Marianne Kugler
Internet et après?: Une théorie critique des nouveaux médias, 2me édition
Marianne Kugler
The Media Simplex: At the Edge of Meaning in the Age of Chaos
Donald F. Theall
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