Vol 26, No 4 (2001)

Table of Contents


David Mitchell


The Arabs in the First Communication Revolution: The Development of the Arabic Script
Issam S. Mousa
Reality TV, Big Brother and Foucault
James Wong
Rock the Nation: MuchMusic, Cultural Policy and the Development of English-Canadian Music-Video Programming, 1979-1984
Ira Wagman
Spatial Metaphor in the Work of Marshall McLuhan
Gordon Gow

Research Overview

Making Connections: Cultural and Social Cohesion in the New Millennium
Ritva Mitchell, Nancy Duxbury


Much Ado About Culture: North American Trade Disputes
Colin Hoskins
Primal Scenes of Communication: Communications, Consumerism and Social Movements
Vincent di Norcia
U.S. Television News and Cold War Propaganda, 1947-1960: A guidebook for what is to come?
Tom Liacus
Perspectives on Organizational Communication: Finding Common Ground
Danielle Maisonneuve
The Satellite Sex: The Media and Women's Issues in English Canada, 1966-1971
Rebecca Sullivan
Women in Public Relations: How Gender Influences Practice
Judith Scrimger
Who Write the Book of Life?: A History of the Genetic Code
Sheryl N. Hamilton
Civic Discourse, Civil Society and Chinese Communities
Mei Wu
Magnetic North: Canadian Experimental Video
Katherine Liberovskaya
The Sixth Language: Learning a Living in the Internet Age
Paul Heyer
Television and Its Viewers: Cultivation Theory and Research
Jacques de Guise


Objection to Review: Reply to John Miller's review of The Missing News
Robert Hackett
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