Vol 27, No 1 (2002)

Table of Contents


David Mitchell


Silences and Lies: How the Industrial Fishery Constrained Voices of Ecological Conservation
Carol Corbin
Film Policy under MERCOSUR: The Case of Uruguay
Tamara L. Falicov
Moralizing Uncertainty: Suspicion and Faith in Hitchcock's
Gary McCarron
Mass Communication: Some Redefinitional Notes
Rowland Lorimer

Research in Brief

Trends in Canadian Newspaper Coverage of International News, 1988-2000: Editors' Assessments
Walter C. Soderlund, Martha F. Lee, Paul Gecelovsky


Capital Culture: A Reader on Modernist Legacies, State Institutions, and the Value(s) of Art
Alison Beale
Groove Tube: Sixties Television and the Youth Rebellion
Keir Keightley
Distant Suffering
Kim Sawchuk
Covering Violence: A Guide to Ethical Reporting about Victims and Trauma
Linda Kay
Handbook of the Media in Asia
Claude-Yves Charron
Islamic Peril: Media and Global Violence
Mike Gasher
The Language of New Media
Jerome Durlak
Radioscopie de l'information televisee au Canada
Eric George
Continental Order?: Integrating North America for Cybercapitalism
Steven Jackson
The Making of Literate Societies
Rowland Lorimer
The Invisible Empire: A History of the Telecommunications Industry in Canada, 1846-1856
Bram Dov Abramson
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