CJC Playlists

Canadian Journal of Communication (CJC) Playlists are curated by scholars to address a title, theme, or topic of their choosing and to create inventive alignments among published work that is openly accessible in our archive. Click through on the playlist titles that interest you. If you are interested in curating a playlist, scroll down to find the guidelines or contact Chris Russill ( for more information.

Published Playlists

Annals of Promotional Culture by Melissa Aronczyk

Annals of Communication and Disabilities by Yukari Seko

Curating Care by Rianka Singh

Ghost by Kate Maddalena

Solidarity by Jason Hannan

Photography by Bethany Berard

Play by Christine Tran

(Not) Environmental Media by Crystal Chokshi

Work by Nicole Cohen

Upcoming Playlists

TV by Mark Hayward

Terrorism by Aziz Douai

Knowledge by Karim Karim

Horror by Miranda Brady

Radio & Media Theory by Andrew Herman

Psychoanalysis by Sarah Thorne

Interested in curating a CJC Playlist?

If you are interested in creating a playlist, please read these guidelines and contact Chris Russill, Editor, Canadian Journal of Communication, at to discuss a title and timeline for your contribution.

The CJC Playlist is an invitation to a scholar to organize a bundle of articles from the CJC archive around a selected theme and to introduce these articles as a collection worthy of attention in the contemporary moment. The introduction might include a general reflection on developments in this thematic area or sub-field over time, or it could emphasize some specific points of synthesis for scholars to consider. Individual articles can be annotated from the perspective of the selected theme, as in some of the examples found above.   

We hope to encourage historical sensibility, inventive alignments among articles from different issues and moments in time, as well as critical discussion about key themes and developments in the field.

We also hope to encourage greater awareness and use of our archive—which is open access, easily searchable, and non-commercially owned—and to have a little fun in doing so!

A playlist should include approximately five to eight articles, make some mention of the criteria/sensibility used to select these pieces from the broader collection, and involve a reasonably broad search of the archive (the search function on the CJC website is quite good, so this is not an onerous task). Ideally, the bulk of the articles will be five-plus years old. Otherwise, the principles and method of choosing articles is left to the curator of the playlist. The length of the introduction can vary, but 1,000 words is our general guideline. The title should be brief and thematic. Please follow the format of the published examples found above.