CJC Policy Portal

The Policy Portal aims to provide a space for publishing timely research based on policy contributions and analysis. It is devoted to raising awareness of communication policy issues amongst Canadian communication studies scholars, facilitating discussion and analysis and coordinating intervention.

The Policy Portal issues calls for papers (CFPs) for each edition, based on a pre-defined theme. Papers are peer-reviewed and published online. The Policy Portal accepts submissions written in either English or French.

The current Policy Portal Editor is Leslie Regan Shade, Professor at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto.

The Founding Policy Portal Editor was Jeremy Shtern, School of Creative Industries, Ryerson University, who led discussions on planning the Policy Portal since 2008. Initial leadership was housed at Ryerson University in the School of Creative Industries and associated with the Communications Policy Working Group (CPWG) of the York/Ryerson Communication and Culture Graduate Program.

Please contact the Policy Editor, Leslie Regan Shade at policy_editor@cjc-online.ca

Policy Portal articles must be submitted using the CJC online submission process and must conform to the CJC's article guidelines.

The portal aspires to create a turn-around time of approximately 6–10 months from submission to final online publication, including peer review and revision.

List of Policy Portal CFPs:

CFP October 2018: Canadian digital and data strategy
The CJC Policy Portal seeks short critical commentaries on constituent elements and key issues for a Canadian digital and data strategy. The development of such a strategy is the current focus of the federal government, through consultations led by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, as well as industry and advocacy organization initiatives.  Specific topics may include, but are not limited to:

Digital and data justice
Data and intersectionality
Mitigating data and discrimination
Data and governance
Data and privacy
Data and IP
Unpacking the black box: issues in digital and data literacy
Algorithmic transparency and accountability
Data localization
Indigenous data sovereignty
Innovation in the digital and data economy
The rhetoric of digital and data disruption

Submission deadline: November 5, 2018

Submission Length: 750 words-2K words including references.

Authors are encouraged to contact Leslie Shade, CJC Policy Portal Editor (leslie.shade@utoronto.ca) if they have any questions.

CFP: “Let’s Talk TV” and the Future of Television Policy In Canada, 2016.